RADISHES: bunch radish, 30-6 oz cellos,14-1# cellos, 14-1# resealable cellos, 10# jumbos, 25# jumbos, 40# regulars & 40# jumbos.

BEETS: 25# poly bags or 12’s PLU in cartons

LETTUCES: bibb, boston, green leaf, red leaf, romaine, escarole & endive. 12’s, 15’s, 18’s or 24’s, in cartons or crates. most can be sleeved.

GREEN ONIONS: 48’s PLU in cartons.

PARSLEYS: flat (Italian) & curly in 24’s, 30’s, 60’s or loose, in cartons or crates. can be PLU labeled.

CILANTRO: 24’s, 30’s, 60’s or loose, root or clipped, all in cartons. can be PLU labeled.

DILL: baby (cooking) dill packed 24’s PLU or 60’s PLU, cartons or crates. long (pickling) dill in 12’s PLU bundles.

GREENS: collard, turnip, curly mustard, slick mustard, kale, swiss chard & dandelion. 6’s PLU, 12’s PLU, 18’s PLU, 24’s PLU or loose, all in cartons.

CELERY: 1 ½ doz, 2 doz, 2 ½ doz, 3 doz or 4 doz packed in cartons. can be sleeved.

SWEET CORN: yellow, white & bi-color. 48’s in cartons or crates.

CUCUMBERS: 24’s, smalls, selects, 36 count supers & 72 count supers, all in cartons.

SUMMER SQUASH: green zucchini and straight-neck yellow squash. both are packed as small, medium or large in cartons.

CABBAGES: green, red, savoy, celery & nappa, all in cartons. green is packed as small (18-22 count), medium (16-18) or large (10-14). all in cartons.

FALL (HARD) SQUASH: green acorn, white acorn, golden acorn, butternut, buttercup, spaghetti, turban, delicatta, golden hubbard, blue hubbard, carnival, kabocha, sweet dumpling & golden nugget. all available with or without PLU stickers in cartons or bulk bins.

ORNAMENTALS: mixed gourds, mini pumpkins, pie pumpkins, white pumpkins, painted pumpkins, prize winner pumpkins, face pumpkins, Indian corn, mini Indian corn & strawberry corn. packed in cartons, crates or bulk bins.

PEPPERS: green bells packed as choice, medium, large, extra large, jumbo or colossal in cartons. place-packs and PLU stickers are available.

CARROTS: 10/5# cellos, 16/3# cellos, 24/2# cellos, 48/1# cellos, 25# jumbos, 50# ML, 50# jumbos & 50# US#2 jumbos.

ONIONS: red, white, sweet & Vidalias in assorted packs, cartons or bags.

MISC: 12’s PLU or loose leeks, 25# poly turnips, 20# poly parsnips, green beans, assorted sweet peppers, assorted hot peppers, eggplant & more!


**(All of our items can be packed into RPC’s upon request.)**